How To Price Your Inherited Home In New Jersey For Sale

If you’ve inherited a property and you’re planning to sell it, make sure you read this blog post for 3 tips about how to price your inherited home in New Jersey for sale

Did you inherit a property that you’re now thinking about selling? While an inherited property can be a wonderful gift from a loved one who has passed on, it can also (quite frankly) be a costly burden. So selling it makes sense and allows you to use the gifted equity for some other purpose. But selling an inherited property may not come easy to you, especially if you haven’t sold a property in a while. So here’s how to price your inherited home in New Jersey for sale…

Preview Tip On How To Price Your Inherited Home: Rely On Experts

Before diving into the pricing strategies, take the crucial first step of seeking guidance from real estate experts. Professionals in the field can provide valuable insights into the current market conditions, helping you make informed decisions. Their expertise can assist you in understanding the intricacies of pricing inherited homes in New Jersey, considering factors like local trends, property conditions, and buyer preferences. For instance, they can help you conduct a thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). By relying on experts, you set a strong foundation for the pricing process, ensuring that your approach is not only emotionally sound but also technically robust. This initial consultation can pave the way for a smoother and more effective pricing strategy as you navigate the sale of your inherited property.

How To Price Your Inherited Home – Tip #1: Price Quick To Sell

Some people price their inherited property at an amount they think the market might pay for the house. However, there are many factors that go into this price and one of the biggest considerations is: how fast do you want to sell? Selling through an agent “on the market” can take months. During this time, you not only bear the financial burden of maintaining the property but also incur additional costs. These costs include ongoing expenses for the house, repairs, and various other carrying costs. As the days on the market accumulate, so do these expenses, potentially eating into any potential profit from a higher sale price.

Many property owners have come to the realization that it might be more advantageous to set a slightly lower asking price for a faster sale. While this might result in receiving a lower amount for the house, the reduced expenses on repairs, carrying costs, effort, and time can offset these losses. In the end, it becomes a strategic trade-off, offering the possibility of achieving a more balanced outcome.

This approach not only minimizes the financial strain associated with a prolonged sale but also streamlines the entire selling process. By pricing your inherited home competitively, you increase the likelihood of attracting interested buyers swiftly, positioning yourself for a more efficient and cost-effective transaction.

How To Price Your Inherited Home – Tip #2: Avoid Pricing Based On Fond Memories Or Emotions

One of the significant hurdles faced by property owners dealing with inherited homes is the challenge of objectively pricing the property for sale. It’s all too common for individuals to let sentimental value and fond memories cloud their judgment when determining the asking price.

The emotional attachment to a home where one may have grown up or experienced countless happy moments can inadvertently influence the perceived value of the property. It’s crucial to acknowledge that while the house may hold immense sentimental worth, its true market value might differ.

To overcome this challenge, it’s advisable to engage with a reputable real estate company. Professionals in the field can provide a realistic and unbiased assessment of the property’s market value, taking into account various factors that contribute to its worth. This includes the current market conditions, comparable sales in the area, and the property’s unique features.

It’s essential for property owners to recognize that the price suggested by real estate experts may be lower than their initial expectations. This doesn’t imply a devaluation of the property but rather reflects the unintentional inflation of the price due to sentimental attachments. By relying on the expertise of real estate professionals, you can establish a more accurate and competitive asking price that aligns with the property’s actual market value. This approach not only facilitates a smoother selling process but also ensures a fair and realistic transaction.

How To Price Your Inherited Home – Tip #3: Build In Discounts For Repairs

When dealing with an inherited property in New Jersey, especially one that has been a cherished home for a loved one over many years, it’s not uncommon to discover the need for repairs. While the initial instinct might be to undertake the repairs yourself and potentially justify a higher asking price, there’s a strategic alternative that can save you time, effort, and additional expenses: incorporating a “repair discount” into the listing.

Undertaking repairs can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Moreover, the costs associated with equipment, supplies, or hiring a contractor can quickly accumulate. Rather than immersing yourself in the intricacies of repair work, consider leveraging the option to offer the property at a slightly discounted rate, factoring in the anticipated repair costs.

By offering a discounted price that reflects the anticipated cost of repairs, you not only eliminate the burden of undertaking the work yourself but also present an attractive proposition to potential buyers. This can be particularly appealing to those who are willing to invest in a property but prefer the flexibility to address repairs based on their own preferences and specifications. Choosing to build discounts for repairs not only simplifies the sales process but also positions your inherited home as a viable and cost-effective option for prospective buyers.

The “repair discount” serves as a practical and mutually beneficial arrangement. Buyers may see it as an opportunity to invest in the property at a lower cost, while you, as the seller, avoid the complexities of managing repairs and ensure a smoother transaction. Ultimately, this strategy strikes a balance between acknowledging the property’s current state and providing a solution that benefits both parties involved.


An inherited house can be a lot of work, and if you’re contemplating selling it, you’re certainly not alone. Navigating the pricing of an inherited home in New Jersey can be a complex task. The tips provided in this guide offer valuable insights into crafting a strategic pricing approach.

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